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The Logo Package [Full Review & Pricing]

The Logo Package is an Illustrator extension that allows you to automatically export a logo to multiple file-types and color formats.

Export takes just five minutes and it easily pays for itself vs. the time it would take to manually export.

In addition, it has a powerful RGB, CMYK, and Pantone color matcher. A logical folder export structure makes your delivery look more professional.

As someone who has exported over 100 logos for a client only to be asked to export them again but with a trademark symbol ® –– I can fully recommend downloading The Logo Package.

Basic Information

Let’s start with the basics. The minimum requirement to use Logo Package Express is Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud 2018. Using this extension on an older version of Adobe Illustrator may not work or may limit the availability of certain features.

Whether you’re a Mac or Windows user, whatever system that supports Adobe Illustrator also supports Logo Package Express, save for the aforementioned version.

There is a wide range of file formats you can export your logo files as, either for sending to the client, for further editing, or for previewing. Here are the file formats that you can automatically export as:

File formats

  • .AI (Adobe Illustrator)
  • .SVG
  • .EPS
  • .PDF
  • .PNG
  • .JPG

Color options

  • RGB
  • CMYK
  • Pantone

This means that you can take on web-based projects with ease and bank on the scalability and image quality of a true vector file format like the SVG format. At the same time, you can take on projects designed for printing applications, which many printers still favor EPS formats.

Installation and Responsiveness

Not all software extensions are easy to use or install. Logo Package Express is a breath of fresh air in this department. In fact, its simple installation process is one of the reasons why this is a beginner-friendly tool.

  1. After purchase, Logo Package Express comes in a simple zip folder. Choose your file extraction location on your Mac or PC and extract all the files from the archive. The next step is to open your copy of Adobe Illustrator.
  2. From the top menu, select File, then Scripts, and then look for Other Script. From the new window, go to the Logo Package Express folder and select the INSTALLER script.
  3. After installation, you’ll be prompted to restart Illustrator. That’s pretty much it. You can then select the extension under the Window tab from the Extensions list.

Once added to your list of extensions, Logo Package Express can be brought up whenever you need it. You’ll notice that it has an intuitive interface, one that every type of graphic designer can get behind.

Colors formats and Color options

There’s also very good color models support once you install the Logo Package Express extension and load it in your Illustrator. For example, you will gain access to Pantone, RGB, and CMYK colors. This should help boost your creativity and provide plenty of avenues to explore for your early drafts.

Having access to Pantone colors can be priceless to a logo designer, or a graphics designer in general. Especially when working with print, finding a quick Pantone match is essential. And, the beauty is that you won’t have to buy and browse through Pantone color books, guide sets, or chips.

Matching them to your screen won’t always have the desired outcome. Besides, you have to factor in the added cost too. A Pantone color book or guide set alone can cost you much more than the Logo Package Express extension. By choosing the digital software route, you stand to get even more bang for your buck.

You can also access new Logo Components such as Logo Mark, Logotype, Tagline, Logo+Tagline, and others. Along with great color availability, there’s also diversity when it comes to color schemes. For example, Logo Package Express makes it easy to use the following techniques: one color, reverse, inverted, grayscale, and full color.

Not that this is something you couldn’t do before with the standard Adobe Illustrator. However, the manipulation of these schemes and implementing them in complex logo images becomes a bit easier. It’s all about offering additional perks while also simplifying the workload and offering shortcuts and faster implementation.

Organizational Features

One of the best features of this extension is how it organizes the files you sent to your clients. As any beginner or seasoned designer should know, categorizing, organizing, and arranging logo folders for clients can be very time-consuming.

By using Logo Package Express, you can shave precious minutes off your workload. Furthermore, the extension creates dedicated folders and filenames depending on what file formats you want to send to your client.

Another organizational feature is the Logo Package Organizer naming convention. The extension uses a proven formula when generating files and names for those files. Using its own naming convention, both folder names and filenames will feature intuitive names.

This means that you can take on logo projects even for less tech-savvy clients. The intuitive nature of the categories, folders, and most importantly names, will give all clients a better chance of locating the needed files quickly. Of course, this helps you as much as it helps the client.

Besides making everything look organized and professional, the Logo Package Express Illustrator extension can also give you some room to breathe. If you’ve been creating logos for a long time, then you’d probably have to look through old files again to locate your client’s “missing” or “unsubmitted” files. This is one thing that shouldn’t happen anymore, which means that you can improve your workflow even more.

Rendering Time Improvements

As already mentioned, you can send a complete package in all the available file formats. This should help boost your credibility and professionalism. Another nice touch is auto export to various files for print, digital, and other categories. This is manually customizable but can also be done via the extension by default in a way that covers everything.

That’s because, by default, the extension makes every logo file type available. What’s even more impressive is that it has a fast rendering speed. It’s difficult to say if it can truly put out over 200 logo files in less than five minutes.

This will obviously depend on the complexity of the logo, how many layers it has, what colors and color schemes it uses, and how many graphics objects are used. That’s because certain file formats can get exponentially big, as the images become more complex or detailed. In particular, SVG.

The good news is that the Logo Package Express extension will still try to make it happen. For example, the SVG file format is known for not being particularly optimal for the rendering of photographs. But this doesn’t mean that the Illustrator extension won’t try to make it happen, just as it would with the other formats.

There are of course other advantages to using the Logo Package Express extension. First of all, you can take full advantage of Adobe Illustrator’s exhaustive toolset. You can create everything you can dream of from scratch and not have to constantly import/export your logo files to different editing software apps.

Because this extension can create every single type of commonly used logo file format, the time saved on exporting and packaging can be truly priceless. Not to mention that you can also make it so that Logo Package Express also sends multiple variations of your logo using the same file format.

This basically means offering color and color scheme variations, albeit limited to the previously mentioned options available in the extension’s compiler.

Can You Make More Money by Using This Extension?

Being able to send more professional logo packages means that you could also raise your prices. This is a common practice for designers. Very few charge the same amount when sending one file format or two versus three or four. With the help of this extension, you can send all of them, including the sought-after SVG for web projects, EPS for printing, and AI for endless post-delivery editing.

At the very least, you could charge the same rate but with the ability to work on more projects in the same amount of time. That’s because the extension does a lot of the grunt work and compiling work for you. So, you can make more money even if you’re not charging extra.

But, with the added attention to detail, it can be even easier to get more clients interested in your work.

Perhaps the overall biggest impact that this extension can have is still saving time. Creating individual file formats is never fun. And, having to choose specific formats for a client who doesn’t know what he wants can be time-consuming enough.

Bonus Material

Here’s another reason why beginners can probably benefit more from this extension than seasoned designers. The logo package also comes with two bonuses.

Along with the extension itself, all buyers also gain access to a File Format Cheat Sheet and a logo Package Production Checklist. The latter offers a quick guide on how to structure your end product, what you should ultimately send to a client, and also touches on various dos and don’ts of creating and editing a logo.

The cheat sheet is even more interesting. This offers a brief presentation of the multiple logo file formats available within Adobe Illustrator and the logo creation extension. This means that you’ll be able to quickly learn when to use certain formats and when not to use them.

There are also clear indications as to what projects and what types of clients demand very specific file formats. Although not always necessary, it can be important information so that you don’t waste time compiling logos in all available file formats for every client. This can mean an even faster turnaround and more freedom to take on more work.

Some of the Drawbacks

Not all designers are using the latest Adobe Illustrator versions. The fact that Logo Package Express costs $100 and is not compatible with older versions of Adobe Illustrator is unfortunate for users not on creative cloud.

If you don’t use Illustrator or run on Linux or a Chromebook the extension will not work for you.


Logo Package Express – is available for a one-time cost of $99

With this purchase, you can easily generate different color models of the same logo, create an organized and easy-to-follow folder structure, and overall create, edit, and export your work in under five minutes.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Simple installation
  • Tons of color matching features
  • Massive time saver
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Will not work on pre-2018 Illustrator
  • Not supported for Chromebooks or Linux OS


  • All popular logo file formats
  • Multiple color schemes
  • Can compile and export logo variations
  • Organizes automatically into folders
  • Intuitive file naming convention
  • Time-saving compiler
  • Cross-platform compatibility
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