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How Much Is Skillshare?

Skillshare comes with multiple pricing tiers. The paid plan starts at $15 a month though you can save 45% by buying a year membership upfront. In addition, they offer plans for companies and a free trial.

Skillshare for Individual Users

Skillshare is essentially free to use. Anyone can create a free account. This alone grants you access to a sizeable library of free classes in which users can participate in discussions and even create new projects.

Yet Skillshare has a massive library of courses and classes. To access the paid content, one has to become a premium member.

Skillshare Premium Membership

There are many ways to pay for a premium account on Skillshare. First, there’s a monthly subscription that costs $15. For the year, this adds up to $180. Not expensive for a year of education really.

Then there’s the annual subscription that requires an upfront payment of $99 for the year. That’s a monthly cost of $8.25, a 45% discount compared to renewing the membership every month.

It’s also worth pointing out that the annual membership comes with extra perks.

The perks include discounts on various software packages such as Adobe Acrobat Pro and Premier Pro. And discounts on other partner platforms such as Squarespace or Society6.

Skillshare Team Plans

Skillshare doesn’t just cater to individuals but also teams and companies. Accordingly, there are different plans available, depending on how many users want access to the platform.

Starter Plan

The starter plan is for groups of between 5 and 49 people. This costs $99 per user and it’s billed annually. Among the perks, the users gain access to over 22,000 classes. The membership plan includes offline learning as well as mobile access and casting features.

It’s also possible to designate an admin user and use the management features to restrict access to only specified users in the group. The Starter plan doesn’t offer too many incentives as it’s just as easy for each user to create their own account.

The main difference is that a team leader or manager can track how everyone is doing and what everyone is learning.

Enterprise Plan

For teams of more than 20 users, there’s an alternative plan. This plan includes everything from the starter plan and extra perks such as API integrations, analytics reports, and a customer success manager. The plan also comes with curated learning paths to optimize learning.

Unfortunately, this plan doesn’t have standard pricing. To get a quote, you need to contact the Skillshare sales team and tell them a bit about your company, expectations, and team sizes.

The good news is that the Enterprise plan may offer some discounts thanks to the custom pricing model.

Free Premium Membership

The first two months on Skillshare are free if you opt for the premium membership. This means that with the $99 annual plan, you get a total of 14 months of full access to the platform.

The basic membership also has a 30-day trial version. After that, you can choose to upgrade to premium with the plan that suits your budget. The trial alone should come in handy for creative types looking to brush up on things they’ve forgotten along the way.

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