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Best Laptop Stand Showdown (The Roost 2.0 vs Nexstand)

You’re on your laptop all the time. Whether work or play, your laptop is always near. But too many hours at your laptop can take a toll on your posture.

A few years ago my neck and back were hurting from hours of being hunched over. So I thought a laptop stand would be a good solution. After reviewing the Roost and the Nexstand I got the Roost. It was a bit smaller and I thought to be higher quality.

Then when my Mom saw the stand she asked where she could get one. I went on Amazon and saw the Roost was a bit less pricy. So I bought it for her. After buying both I thought I would put together a comparison review of which I like the best.

The Roost Laptop Stand

The Roost

The Roost launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2013. Within 30 days, they raised above and beyond what they were hoping for to produce the first batch of Roost stands. Since then, they’ve only gained in popularity.

NOTE: All Roost Stands sold today through Amazon and their site are Roost Stands 2.0. It’s a bit confusing because their most recent blog post (from 2015) says a new Roost Stand is coming. That is the 2.0 that is now available. I emailed them to double check 🙂

What makes the Roost so unique? Precision manufactured and hand-built in the United States, the Roost seeks to improve your relationship with your laptop. By elevating your laptop screen to eye level, it reduces stress to your back, neck, wrist, and hands. In other words, your livelihood is in safe hands with this laptop stand.


  • Up to 50lbs. weight capacity
  • Fits most laptops with a front chassis thickness of .75” or less
  • 8oz total weight
  • Folded size 1” x 1.5” x 13”
  • 3 adjustable height positions, 6 – 11 inches above the table surface
  • Includes carrying sleeve (ripstop nylon)
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Expedited international shipping available


  • Lightweight and durable materials
  • 2 rubberized tabs keep the laptop in place
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • More expensive
  • Only 3 height adjustments


If you are looking for our favorite laptop stands on the market, you may have come across Nexstand. A relative newcomer, this stand is made in China with nylon materials. It is a comparable budget alternative for those who are looking to make it more ergonomic to use a laptop all day. And just like the Roost, it does help with posture and ergonomics.


  • 2oz total weight (more than 2x the Roost)
  • Folded dimensions 1.5” x 1.5” x 14”
  • Supports laptops of 11.6-inch or larger
  • Includes nylon carrying sleeve
  • Easy snap-open mechanism
  • 8 adjustable height positions, 5.5” – 12.6” above the table surface
  • Up to 20lbs. weight capacity
  • Anti-skid caps to prevent scratches
  • 3M anti-skid pads minimize slipping
  • Arc grips latch onto the laptop
  • Skid-free bases
  • Optional nested spacers for ultra-slim laptops
  • Fits laptops of less than .75” thick when open, keyboard width greater than 11”


  • Budget-friendly
  • 8 adjustable heights
  • Nested spacers for slim laptops


  • Laptop may slip out of pivot grips
  • Low weight capacity
  • Plastic material breaks easily
  • Prone to wobbling

The Comparison

Nexstand is a budget option to the Roost. But is the cost savings worth it? Here are some comparisons to consider:


First, both laptop stands are compact when folded. However, Nexstand is half an inch wider and approximately an inch longer than the Roost. It may not make much of a difference for some people. But for others (digital nomads) who value portability and need something compact, the Roost folds up smaller.

The extra width and length do translate to a bigger stand when the Nexstand is unfolded. It may look a little sturdier, but the rated weight capacity is much lower and it also takes up a little more real estate than the Roost.

Roost Laptop Stand


Next, the Roost is made from durable carbon fiber with mil-spec ceramic coatings which translate to an ultra-lightweight but very durable stand. The Nexstand, on the other hand, is made from industrial-grade plastic. While it is also relatively durable, it’s not as durable or as lightweight as the Roost.

Adjustable Heights

One of the main reasons for getting a laptop stand is to bring the screen to eye level. It eliminates the need to look down. And the Roost has 3 adjustable heights from as low as 6” up to 11” from the tabletop. Personally, I always keep mine at the highest setting. As you want the top of the monitor at eye height (source Mayo Clinic).

Nexstand, on the other hand, has more height options with 8 adjustable heights from 5.5” up to 12.6”.

Protip: having your computer up off the table means you can keep liquids on the table without the anxiety of having to replace your entire computer.

Laptop Capacity and Compatibility

In addition, the Roost is more versatile in use and the laptops that it can support. The weight capacity is 50lbs compared to Nexstand’s 20lbs. This is not just the weight of the laptop but also how much force you can safely put on the laptop. Remember for best ergonomics if you get a stand you are going to need a separate keyboard and mouse.

Both stands, however, can only support laptops with a front edge of .75” or less. But Nexstand has an additional requirement of at least 11” for the keyboard width.

Laptop Grips

Furthermore, both stands may seem like they have similar grips. But they are different. Aside from the materials, the Roost has rubberized grips that hold the front of the laptop. Nexstand also has grips but they are not coated with a protective material, which may lead to scratches down the line.

Rear Rest and Front Legs

Unfortunately for Nexstand, the lack of rubber protection continues throughout their stand. Most notably, the backrest that nestles your laptop only has partial rubber protection. And the front legs don’t have any at all.

The Roost, on the other hand, has taken protection to the next level with rubberized cushions at both pivotal spots.

Final Thought

It may be tempting to buy a Nexstand and save a few dollars. But the small cost savings may end up costing you more in the long run. I mean come on, the cost difference is less than one trip to the chiropractor.

While it’s true that the Roost is a bit pricey, you are paying for the assurance of quality. The Roost is made in Denver and the materials are more durable than the Nexstand, which may be worth the extra price. In addition, it’s smaller and lighter for better portability and space when you travel. Hands down the Roost is the best portable laptop stand.

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