35 Great Gifts for Graphic Designers

On the lookout for great gifts for the graphic designers on your team? Buying gifts for creatives may seem difficult, but it’s really not. Beyond cool pens and notebooks, think “artsy” and maybe even “quirky” gifts that make their job easier or give their creative mind a little boost.

Check out these 35 gift ideas for graphic designers. There are so many cool gifts here that you might end up picking out a couple for yourself, too.

Meggs' History of Graphic Design

1. Meggs’ History of Graphic Design 6th Edition

Considered one of the premier references for graphic design, it makes a great addition to any artist’s library.

Huion L4S LED Light Box A4 Ultra-thin USB Powered Adjustable Light Pad for Tracing

2. Huion L4S Light Pad

Sometimes you can’t keep a good artist down, or sitting in one place. With this compact light pad, they can continue with their projects, even on the go.

Funny Graphic Designer Tshirt Gift: I Shot The Serif

3. “I Shot the Serif” Funny Graphic Tshirt

A simple humorous t-shirt that any type-lover can appreciate.


4. Designers Crop It Mug

Help keep beverages hot, and your favorite designer awake with this witty mug.


5. Every Time You Use This Font Fridge Magnet

Show your humor with every glance at the fridge. The perfect gift for the graphic designer break room.

Pantone Postcard Box: 100 Postcards

6. Pantone 100 Postcards Box Set

Hand-written notes give a personal touch unmatched by electronic means. This box set lends a vibrant pop of color to notes, birthday cards, and thank-you cards.

Lettering Class

7. Brit + Co Online Lettering Classes

Want to brush up on a technique? Or learn a novelty one just for fun? Why not take a class from the comfort of home?

Moleskine smart writing set notebook

8. Moleskine Smart Notebook

Combine the joy of pen to paper with the convenience of electronic rendering.

Warmhoming Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

9. Warmhoming Digital Clock

Manage your time efficiently with this voice command wooden digital clock.

a book apart gift card

10. A Book Apart Gift Card

Give the gift of extended education with a gift card for designer books. They are great gifts for graphic designers of any level.

KitchenAid KEK1222PT 1.25-Liter Electric Kettle - Pistachio

11. KitchenAid KEK 1222PT Electric Kettle

Don’t have time to go to the kitchen for a refill? This stylish electric kettle has you covered.

Magma Sketchbook: Design & Art Direction

12. Magma Sketchbook: Design & Art Direction

More than a sketchbook, less than an iPad. The perfect partner for designers on-the-go.

Wacom Intuos Pen

13. Wacom Intuos Pen

You can never have too many pen replacements for your graphic tablet. And this is a replacement pen for one of the most popular and trusted brands of graphic tablets.

affinity designer

14. Affinity Designer Software

Give the gift of new graphic design software. It’s available for iPad and Desktop.

Floral Monogram Laser Cut Wood Journal

15. Laser Cut Floral Monogram Wood Journal

Jot down ideas and dreams in this unique journal.

Pantone iPhone 6+ Cases

16. Pantone iPhone Case

Express your love of color with these vibrant cell phone cases for iPhone 6+.

Vogek 6-Port USB Charger Desktop Charging

17. Vogek 6-Port USB Charger

You carry so many devices, but charging is a no-brainer with this multi-port charger.

Browser Sketch Pad

18. Browser Sketch Pad

Visualizing your ideas just got easier. Sketch out concepts using this graph pad with browser tab layout.

Bodum Insulated Plastic Travel French Press Coffee and Tea Mug

19. Bodum Travel French Press Coffee and Tea Mug

Whether your designer is a coffee addict or tea lover, they are sure to love this on-the-go press.

Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint

20. Cricut Explore Air 2

Upload your original creations to this compact crafting tool. Print and cut from almost anywhere.

Windsor Travel Calligraphy Set

21. Windsor Travel Calligraphy Set

Nestled in a vintage-style box, this set contains everything you need to create beautiful calligraphy lettering.

Sensu Digital Artist Brush

22. Sensu Digital Artist Brush & Stylus

This innovative artist brush and stylus combo is indispensable for any artist.

LaMetric Time

23. LaMetric Time

Is it an internet radio, Bluetooth speaker, or an alarm clock? It’s all of the above wrapped up in a funky design.

DesignerD Graphic Design Typography Minimalist Black and White Poster Print

24. DesignerD Graphic Poster Print

Etsy is a cool marketplace that has unique prints to personalize a designer’s workspace.

Etch A Sketch - Classic - Red

25. Etch A Sketch Classic – Red

Yeah, it’s a little retro but this little toy was responsible for creating a spark in many a young artist’s soul. So go ahead and take a little playtime flashback.

Sakura Pigma Ink Gift Set

26. Sakura Pigma Ink Gift Set

For the artist who doesn’t compromise quality. The smoothness of the ink has made these a popular choice for years.

Website Deck

27. UX Website Deck Kit

Want to give your eyes a rest but don’t want to stop your momentum? Try switching to these cards instead.

Custom Lettering of the 20s and 30s

28. Custom Lettering of the 20s and 30s

A great gift for the type-lover in your life. This book covers over 4,500 examples of type art from a bygone era. Not the right fit? See our list of our favorite 75 graphic design books here.

Korin Design ClickPack Pro

29.Korin Design ClickPack Pro Anti-Theft Backpack

Travel backpacks make great gifts for graphic designers who travel often.

Aduro Solid-Grip Phone Holder

30. Aduro Gooseneck Smartphone Stand

Some designers work simultaneously with a smartphone and tablet. Position your device just the way you want with this adjustable stand.

Bose QuietComfort 35

31. Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

For those times when you’re up all night working on a project.


32. Print Nerd Essentials Kit Poster

For those “print nerds” who lack the essentials of the trade.

Studio Designs 10053 Vision Craft Station in Silver / Blue Glass

33. Studio Designs 10053 Vision Craft Station

Take your workstation to the next level with this adjustable glass top drawing table.

Fox Run 3689 Alphabet Cookie Cutter Set, Stainless Steel, 26-Piece

34. Fox Run 3689 Alphabet Cookie Cutter Set

Do you love baking? Showcase both your loves with this unique cutter set.

NEVER Tote Bag

35. NEVER Tote Bag

Express yourself with these re-usable canvas bags. Give people something to talk about while waiting in line at the grocery store.

Haven’t Found the Perfect Gift Yet?

Don’t fear, a book is always a safe way to go. We’ve put together a blog post that details our favorite graphic design books.

If you think of a gift that isn’t on the list drop it in the comments below. We will periodically update this article.

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