Top Logo Designs of 2017

17 Top Logos of 2017

Today we have a collection of our favorite logos that were posted on our Instagram in 2017. Many of these logos came from participants in the Daily Logo Challenge. You can click on links to follow the original artist. Thanks 2017 and see you in 2018!

1. Lighthouse Logo

2. Drive Negative Space Logo

3. Dog Logo

Pro Tip: If you’re using Instagram don’t forget to use relevant hashtags.

4. Mama and Bear Cub

5. Bird Outline

6. Ship’s Wheel (C)

7. Appearing Leppard

8. Talk Chat App

9. Leaping Dear with Geometric Overlay

10.  Cloud Computing Logo

11. Airplane Logo

12. Viking Logo

13. Snow Leppord Logo

14. Tokyo 2020 Olypics Logo

15. Traveling Bear

16. Headed Surfing

17. Swan + Heart

Looking for more logo fun? Here are the logos of the top brands in the USA.

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